About Me


About Me. Such a simple term for being so hard to explain. There isn’t one word or even one sentence that describes my life or my journey, but I will start off by introducing myself – I’m Kristie! I work three jobs and I’m a full time graduate student in an MBA program. My jobs and my education contribute immensely to my self worth and busy schedule, but I consider my most rewarding role to be that of a Marine Officer’s girlfriend.

My Marine Officer and I have been together for three years and he had been in the Marines for a fraction of that time. We started dating in college and the thought of the military was never in the picture until about a year into our relationship. That being said..the title of a “military girlfriend” is not what I signed up for, but I am so proud of it.

I started this blog because i quickly learned that I didn’t have a clue about what to expect from the Marine Corps. As I did my research, I realized that most support pages and information was for enlisted family members. Both commitments are highly respectable but the two paths are very different in their own ways. I wanted to be able to share my experiences so another girlfriend or boyfriend didn’t have to go through as blind as I did. I also want to share my journey as a career woman who is in a relationship with a Marine. I hope you enjoy hearing about my adventures as a super-busy, career orientated, strong woman who happens to be in love with a Marine Officer.

Semper Fi,


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