ASVAB Practice Material Review


Grades, references, PT, physicals…..there are so many components to the application process but one of the most stressful can be the ASVAB. If your Marine is not a natural test taker this test can be a daunting task of recalling high school algebra and grammar lessons. I highly recommend that anyone who must take the ASVAB start studying about three months in advance. My marine and I studied in every car ride, at dinner, during movies….all of the time! I am going to post links to the study materials we found to be especially efficient. (click on the pictures to take you directly to


These flash cards are amazing and worth every penny. They cut out the process of taking the time to make your own…which would inevitably happen.

51GXk1N017LThis is one of the best books that we used to study. Compared with the flash cards, these study books help teach the strategies of the test and include multiple practice tests. I recommend that anyone who is taking the ASVAB take a few practice tests down. More importantly than the questions that are asked, is the strategy needed to successfully take the test.

Semper Fi,


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