The Application Process


The application process is one of the most clerically intense processes I have ever witnessed. It makes college applications and job applications look like a three word text message! Your Marine’s OSO will be a huge help with this process, but there are many things you will need help with also. It took my Marine a couple of months to complete and turn in his application. The biggest and best thing you can do is help keep him or her organized!


This is a great resource that I found through the blog

My recommendations:

  • Have him get two applications and reserve one for a rough draft and another for their final copy to turn in.
  • Make sure he contacts all of his references to give them a “heads-up” before the official process begins.
  • Keep a log of the names of people he will be contacting as references (also note dates of contact by both parties).
  • Have him order a few official/sealed transcripts from his college’s registrars office.

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