The Decision


Easily the most important part of this journey is how WE came to the decision of the Marines. I was very lucky in the fact that my Marine included me in the entire decision-making process. This decision is not something we jumped into. We talked about it for the better part of a year before he took his initial oath. My Marine was blessed with an amazing recruiting team that answered all questions he had…and I had. My two biggest concerns were that he was going to turn into a “mean Marine” and that I wouldn’t be able to have a career.

My Marine assured me, as much as anyone could, that the person I fell in love with would always be there. The Officer Selection Officer assured My Marine and I that I would be able to have my own career. My Marine ultimately left the decision up to me. This was a huge pressure that I knew shouldn’t be in my hands. If I could give any advice for someone in this position, do not tell your Marine Candidate “no.” This is a decision that you cannot make for him (or her). I knew that if I said no, my Marine would always look back and say “what if,” this alone would be detrimental to our relationship.


  • Stay involved. Meet the recruiters. Ask as many questions as possible.
  • Do not say no. It is not your place to determine anyone’s dream, just as it wouldn’t be your Marine’s place to decide yours.
  • Be prepared for the dynamic of your relationship to change from this moment forward.

Lingo to Know:

OSO – Officer Selection Officer – “oh-so” This will be your Marines best friend during his selection process.

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